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At a glance

  • The smart system that works around you and your business
  • Freedom to take your office anywhere
  • Link seamlessly between devices
  • A market-leading call centre solution
  • Make the most of your devices and free up valuable time
  • Connect with colleagues in a simple click - via chat, call, text or meetings
  • Upgrade calls to video, share screens and invite others to join the conversation
  • A powerful user experience
  • Mind mindbogglingly easy to use
  • With flexible packages, pricing and contracts

Head in the cloud...

Or ready to hit the ground running

Pod is powered by Metaswitch, the world's leading cloud communications software company.
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Better for you
  • The smart system that connects everything together better
  • Feature rich
  • Easy to pick up
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Easy to use self-service portal
  • CRM integration compatible
  • Tailored solutions for complex business set ups
Better by design
  • Perfectly crafted for the changing ways employees and businesses work these days
  • Designed to flex as businesses grow, with greater revenue potential for you
  • Easy to upgrade to the next package
  • More flexible licensing model
  • Bold pricing to encourage business step up from standard
  • Better profit margin for you
Better for you
  • World leading cloud communications software company
  • 99.999% reliability
  • Everything as it should be - totally secure and multi-site resilience
  • Strong commercial success in markets around the world